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'm danielle lee. marla and laura, back to you. >> thank you, danielle. >>> meantime san francisco city attorney was there while the arguments were made this morning. dennis herrera tweeted this before going into the supreme court. he's no stranger to the same-sex marriage debate. herrera is credited with filing the first lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of laws that discriminate between gay and lesbian couples. >> more hopeful than ever after putting discrimination on trial all these years we'll get a positive ruling out of the supreme court. i thought it was incredibly forceful and compelling in the case made before the justices. >> herrera wasn't the only california politician in the courtroom. governor newsom and state senator mark leno were also there. >>> even though it is 3,000 miles away, the bay area is intently watching what's going on at the supreme court. some local cities are even showing their support for marriage equality in a very unique way. nbc bay area's kristi smith is live in berkeley with why the justices decision means so much. good morning, christy. >> g
mother at the park. >>> the cyclist accused of hitting and killing a pedestrian in san francisco's castro district facing felony vehicular manslaughter charges today. prosecutors say he ran multiple red lights and stop signs last year before running into the victim and killing him. >>> this morning, heavy fog may be to blame for an overnight crash that sent two people to the hospital in san francisco. this all happened near west portal muni station. a couple was crossing the street when they were hit by a vehicle. police say the man will be okay. however, the condition of the elderly woman with him remains unknown. police not officially saying at this point if fog was the exact cause of the crash. but they say it did play a role in a number of crashes all around the bay overnight. >>> happening right now, let's just say, let the madness begin. thousands of fans now pouring into hp pavilion as san jose is playing host to the ncaa tournament and a local team right now drawing a lot of support. nbc bay area's bob redell is now joining us live from hp pavilion with all the hoops highlights. g
. bob redell, nbc bay area news. >>> san francisco police looking for the people who broke into an unmarked police car and ripped off an ar-15 assault rifle. the sfpd officers say the car was parked and secured in an area where they were working when somebody broke in this weekend. the stolen rifle is used specifically for trained officers so they can be ready for rapid fire in close quarters. if you have any ninformation, please call sfpd. >>> a fire at a south bay landmark is under investigation this morning. check out the happy hound restaurant on los gatos boulevard in los gatos. it caught fire overnight. as you can see, the outside looks badly damaged, but firefighters say there's actually minimal damage inside that building. that's hard to believe. now, the fire appears to have started in an outside utility closet. it was most likely contained there. dozens of firefighters responded to the overnight fire. >>> also in los gatos, the town council will vote tonight on an emergency moratorium on new gun dealers. tem particul templar sports opened in late december. many we
after 10:00 this morning when san francisco police tactical officers made entry into the building here on jennings street in the bayview district. that suspect said the reason he came out is he didn't want to be bitten by the police dog that had just entered the building. it started about 3:50 this morning when a worker inside this marijuana grow operation said they were being robbed and called police. there were four men with masks on inside. police arrested three running away from the scene but the fourth stayed inside holding four people hostages. tactical units tried to make contact. by 8:30, they were able to get those hostages out. then 90 minutes later the arrest. >> you seen the tactical officers clear the building, so they're confident that there are no more suspects inside the building. at this point the investigators will methodically search the building for any type of weapons or evidence that might be related. >> reporter: those four hostages were led out, walked away and unharmed. right now at the bayview police station giving a statement to police exactly about what went
across the bay area in this first week of spring. here is a look over san francisco. lets get right to the woman, meteorologist christina loren. hello. >> hey, thank you. hard to believe i'm a woman. i feel like such a girl. good morning to you 11:07. good looking day shaping up. clouds thickening up in san francisco. still a lot of sunshine in the south bay. less talk about what we're expecting, take it to the active radar. see vividly clouds are thickening up. activity in the east bay but nothing heavy. what we're about to show you is what we're expecting through the day. see those little pops of green. not much. a few pop-up showers, sprinkles. that's in the forecast for today. tomorrow we get a better shot. as we head throughout the day, isolated showers possible, mostly cloudy, spotty activity, ramping up a little bit, showers more organized. then as we head through easter weekend, we have widespread rain on the way to saturday night and thunderstorms look likely at this point for easter sunday. that's one of those weather forecasts you really want to stay tuned to because east
-350 or f-450 with an open black flatbed. >>> the man accused of killing a well-known san francisco newspaper vendor could be in court as early as today. police arresting 36-year-old mark cassell. they say cassell literally picked up 77-year-old dallas ayers and threw him on the pavement near market and montgomery streets in january. ayers suffered a hip injury and then died three weeks later. he was well-known in that area where he sold the chronicle for the past 30 years, most recently at the montgomery street b.a.r.t. station. cassell is believed to be a transient. >>> the judge right now questioning whether the man accused of stealing a luxury lot and going on that million dollar joy ride from sausalito harbor is, in fact, competent to stand trial. a court hearing will be held today to appoint doctors to determine whether leslie gardener can, in fact, stand trial. gardner being charged with grand theft for allegedly stealing the 82-foot sailboat "darling" and running it aground in pacifica earlier this month. he's held on $1 million bail. >>> a shocking discovery, a giant sinkho
of the new pope. the san francisco archbishop leading mass at st. mary's cathedral on the assumption at gough street this afternoon. we'll have continuing coverage of the installation of pope francis. you can watch and read all about it and other celebrations both right here on nbc bay area and all around the world by logging onto our website, just search "pope". >>> in other news now, new details on breaking news we brought you this morning out of san jose. police are investigating a high school field trip where a sex offender hopped on board the same bus as students and went along for the ride. it happened within the eastside union high school district. this morning, the superintendent says that man was not authorized to be on that bus. nbc bay area's bob redell joins us live from andrew hill high school with the new information for us. bob? >> reporter: a couple of things. good morning to you, marla. turns out this involved not only students from andrew hill high but also silver creek high as well. we have a better idea of how this registered sex offender was allowed to rid
to her. somewhere between san francisco and san bruno she dozed off. when she woke up, archie and her carrier were gone. archie is trained to help people cope with anxiety. she's asking anyone who knows where he might be to please contact her. >>> a peninsula man facing dui charges after officers say he drove the wrong way on interstate 280 for about 14 miles at a speed of 70 miles an hour. the chp spotted the car early yesterday morning near trousdale. chp caught up to the car in woodside. a patrol car blocked the man from driving any further. the chp says the driver is 60-year-old man from san bruno. officers say this is his second dui arrest just this month. >>> still ahead on nbc bay area news, the big upset win that's giving cal the chance to gear up for the second round in the ncaa tournament. >>> plus -- >> on bob redell just powering through friday morning to get to the weekend for this wonderful weather and the show here at alameda county fairgrounds. hold onto your seats. live reporting coming up. >> hold onto your steering wheel. winds whipped through the bay area today onl
a bizarre story out of san francisco. investigators still trying to figure out how a man become trapped and died inside of an elevator shaft at the montgomery bart station. bart officials said someone was riding in the elevator last night when he heard a scream and felt the elevator stop. when police arrived they found the man's body between the wall and the elevator shaft. they found bedding on top of the elevator leading them to believe that man may have been living in the shaft. >> in east bay a family of a missing oakland woman is asking for your help to find her. they are canvassing parts of oakland and also san francisco as we speak trying to find anyone who may know where she is. nbc bay area's christie smith in oakland on the latest search efforts. good morning. >> good morning to you, marla. friends say this is totally out of character for erica maskaleris. they say she wouldn't be gone this long without contacting someone if something wasn't seriously long. they handed out flyers but the family is trying to get help from the oakland police department to try and bring the 31-ye
of shirikawa's term. >>> san francisco's board of supervisors will talk about a ban on what it's calling extra lethal bullets. under that proposed legislation holly point bullets and bullets intended solely for the use of law enforcement or military agencies would be banned. gun advocates call the proposal vague, saying they will file suit if it passes. >>> while the efforts to fix deteriorating roads in san jose will be on the city council agenda tonight, the city council considering how to fund those repairs. one suggestion is a quarter to half cent sales tax increase. another is a bond measure that would cost homeowners about $100 per year. >>> meteorologist rob mayeda is in for christina loren talking about the rain that is on the way. >> still up on the north coast so you might notice the clouds are starting to spill into the bay area. the winds are really starting to kick up out of the south. temperatures mostly mid to upper 50s. the wind directions southeast at 11 in san jose. now southwest at 23 in novato. we'll see wind speeds close to 30 miles per hour later on this afternoon. that w
words for the republican party. >>> postal workers across san francisco this morning protesting their boss's decision to cut services. the forum starting with the postmaster's general decisions called into question. christie joins us live with all the details. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. those protesters just wrapped up 15, 20 minutes ago. they really wanted to send a strong message to u.s. postmaster in san francisco about cuts to service and selling properties. we had a chance to speak with patrick donahue. they have lost 70% of mail volume and can't sit back and do nothing. they gathered outside where he's speaking at a four-day convention about the mailing industry. this as the postal service with huge deficits, closing centers and eyeing the day when it stops saturday service until congress steps in. this is dismantling the postal service as we know it. he says the postal service really needs to keep up with technology. >> the postal service they want is to privatize the post office. one of the things they are aiming right now is to reduce
. he graduated from mount eaton in hayward in 19 99 in the art institute in san francisco. >> hundreds gathered to remember a teenager boy hit and killed in an accident at a racetrack last weekend. his mother spoke about her sports loving 14-year-old son and how she wished all the attention this past week could have been for something different. >> it was so surreal. we couldn't help but marcus would have thought of all this, especially being on sportscenter. i know he would have much rather been on sportscenter for a fadeaway game winning buzzer than all of this. >> marcus was hit by his cousin who spun out of control in a race car during a warm-up lap. a 68-year-old man was also killed in that accident. >>> a new tribute for the victims of the deadly pipeline explosion is now on display. the dedication took place yesterday morning at the bethany presbyterian church after palm sunday services. three of the eight people killed in that blast were members of this church's congregation. they painted the mural, a phoenix rising from the ashes, healing waters and a rainbow of hope. survivor
school districts trying to clear the way for more federal funding. oakland's unified and san francisco unified have both asked the u.s. department of education for a waiver from the no child left behind requirements. if aprovproved the schools woul receive millions in funding that is currently being withheld. among nine school districts that have files for the waiver. they want a different measure of school performance that does not rely as heavily on test scores. >>> to washington. lawmakers admit $85 billion in automatic spending cuts are all about sure to take effect by midnight tonight. the president held a last-minute meeting to address the sequester but before it started republicans said, there would be no deal today. nbc's danielle lee is live on capitol hill where the question turns to, how long the see quest ter will last and what the impact will be. >> reporter: hi, marla. agencies that rely on federal dollars across the country are warning of dire consequences. but this isn't a cliff we're talking about. it's much more of a slope. and the nation as a whole likely won't feel
. students would have to talk to a counselor before actually getting the condoms. san francisco's unified school district offering a similar program to students as do some high schools in redwood city and contra costa county. >>> washington reacts to a better-than-expected unemployment report, but it is enough to change the tone in congress? the latest on efforts to avoid yet another financial crisis. >>> also, bieber fans, all those beliebers out there, they get a scare in london. he stumbled off the stage in the middle of a concert. what he's saying this morning. >>> and from bieber fever to spring fever. we've got a warm-up on the way, but that means your pollen levels are going to soar as we head through the weekend. not just the weather changing. also your clocks. we'll give you your new sunrise and sunset when we come right back. (sir can-a-lot) good day, ma' lady. i am sir can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! (male announcer) break the monotony. visit sizzler's shrimp combos starting at just $9.99! four kinds of s
. >>> and happening now, former san francisco crime lab technician accused of stealing cocaine is expected to change her plea in court. debra madden is expected to plead guilty today to a lesser charge of misdemeanor cocaine possession. madden has already gone to trial twice on charges of obtaining cocaine from the lab by means of fraud or deception. both ended in hung juries. madden's arrest in 2010 forced the district attorney to drop hundreds of criminal cases. >>> it was nothing short of a chaotic morning in san francisco and it ends up with a suspect behind bars. police say a stolen taxi rammed right into a patrol car in the area of jackson and spruce this morning. one officer had to jump right out of the way just to avoid being hit as a second officer fired a shot right at the taxi. the suspect we can tell you was not hit. he did continue driving, ditching that car nearby on octa octavius street. he was arrested a few blocks away for carjacking and assault on a police officer. >>> so are we going to have blue skies when we don our green on sunday? >> yeah, we are. it is going to be so nice. >>
of a national day to demand action. in san francisco, one group is rallying outside the office of senator dianne feinstein. they support her push to pass laws against gun violence. nbc bay area's christie smith joins us live in san francisco with a look at the rally. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning. they were up bright and early this morning outside of senator dianne feinstein's office. about a dozen of them carrying signs. they say this is part of a national day of action. one of the things they're calling for is for universal background checks on guns. this group is calling themselves organizing for action. they believe that those background checks would close loopholes on things like gun shows. they say it's a national effort because guns, in their opinion, trafficked from state to state even those states with stricter laws. a petition that they had said that it's time to fix our broken gun laws. but they say they're appreciative of senator dianne feinstein's efforts following the mass shooting in newtown, even though it appears an assault weapons ban would be just introduce
. >>> a san francisco lawmaker introducing a reform bill hoping to create new regulations for the medical marijuana industry. the bill, authored by assemblyman would have a division that would fall under california alcoholic beverage control. it would establish statewide standards and fees for how medical marijuana is grown, transported, sold, similar to how abc regulates state's bars and liquor stores. >>> the state dropped a case again a thief who hit the oakland museum clearing the way for federal charges. a federal complaint was filed against this man, andre franklin on friday. police say franklin stole a gold rush era jewelry box from the open museum january 9th. it was worth more than $800,000. he's also expected of stealing gold nuggets and gold rush era pistol from the museum on november 12 but has yet to be charged. >>> we can tell you there's a new plan for the lafayette hillside where thousands of crosses stand marking the lives lost in the wars both in iraq and afghanistan. jeev heaton, he's the man that started that memorial when the war started back in 2003. right now there
. for this good friday, take a look at this spectacular sky over san francisco, marla, isn't that beautiful? when i went outside just a few minutes ago, it just feels so nice out there. look at the temperature, 62 in napa, 63 in san jose. you're already at 70 degrees in sunnyvale easily touching on the areas. this is what we're watching for. this area of low pressure, cutoff low slated to potentially bring us an inch of rain over the course of the holiday weekend. it does look pretty active during easter morning. we will show you when you have opportunities to get outdoors without being rained on. and we need this rain. it's actually pretty important we pick up any precipitation as we head through the next couple of days. >> our family had a picture in burlingame at a park. we had to move it inside at my aunt's house. we're listening to you. >> it's cool your family lives in the bay area. >> nice to have them here. thanks, christina. president obama renewing his push for gun control. >>> changed me spiritually, changed me mentally and emotionally. i had to go to prison to grow up. >>> from famed
stabbings in san francisco overnight. police say in the first stabbing, it happened about 2:20 this morning on mission street near the 16th street b.a.r.t. station. here's a map to give you some perspective. a man in his 30s was taken to san francisco general hospital with at least one stab wound. then about an hour later, a man was stabbed near the intersection of 26th and folsom streets. he's listed in serious condition, also at san francisco general. police don't think the two stabbings are related. >>> coming up, trapped in a lion's den with no way out. what we're learning about an animal sanctuary intern killed by the very animals she loved deeply. >>> and a new twist in the oscar pistorius murder case. why a sudden decision just announced by police could be a serious blow to the prosecution. >>> and we have continuing coverage of the memorial and motorcade for two santa cruz police officers killed in the line of duty as we take a live look at the hp pavilion right now. people still pouring in there for the noon memorial. just ahead, the cross-country tribute flown in especially for to
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